Nappy Roots Come Back Home Lyrics

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you know what im talkin about?

lifes good, but it definitely aint easy
remember we was kids, just nappy headed, greasy
everything was simple, just like we saw on tv
my how time flies, quick, fast, in 3D
yesterday was fun and tomorrows never promised
today is the moment that we sieze and we squeeze
see, life is full of choices and opporunities they sometimes hard to come by and ?
leaves in the fall is when i miss the summer breeze
when the seasons shart to change what remains all the trees
we are the same like the birds and the bees
even educated fiends find it strange to believe
nevermind the truth, inconvenient as it seems
the answers that we seek are deeply rooted in our dreams
wild things happen usually end in diamond rings
and what often makes us happy leaves one envious and green, come on

We can make it on our own

But we ain't got to be alone

Just in case when things go wrong

You can always come back home

Where you'll always be a star

Doesn't matter who you are

Even when you've gone too far

You can always come back home

yall know how it feel when you come from outta town
that familiar smell when the window come down
catch up with sports center, let me sit down
walk to the corner, and see what went down
never thought id be back on my mamas couch
love me to death, but can't wait till I get out
John Wall, he got me thinking bout Lexington
Downtown at the ?, those were the days
? ain't the same, Craig sold the club
Ridin through country roads, spittin and flow
Blocked off western, can't tip like we used to tip
Campus PD got a show so they gon' trip
wizard of oz on em, click my heels
cold beer in the bottoms, its that real
years ago I shot my first video
but the way they actin now, just wouldn’t know


Aight take me back to south Carolina
Outside clemson leavin out of a diner
We were so drunk where the owners didn’t mind us
Plus we gave posters, course we gon’ sign em
Next stop Athens, man I love Athens
Wake up with a smile like ‘damn what just happened’
hit tennessee, Now passin UT
I love gatlinburg, its good for gettin' sleep
Stop in cookeville cause gas is so cheap
Met V's aunt, she cook me something to eat
cant wait to see the signs from B.G.
stop by and see the whole crib on center street
roll somethin up, shed a tear, and keep movin
kentucky lake stink real good but we cruising
call mama up to see whats on the stove
see no matter where I go I can come back home

she told me, seasons change, I feel like goin back to where I came
just to find out that nothing stays the same
these are the good ol’ days
these are the good ol’ days


Come back home, come back home, come back home, come back, come back home, come back, come back home, come on back when the world treats you nasty, when friends turn their back, when people forget, come on, come on, come on…
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