Swollen Members feat. Esoteric , Celph Titled & Apathy Colossal Beats Lyrics

Beautiful Death Machine Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Inception / Darker Side (interlude)
  • 2 Death to You
  • 3 BAX WAR
  • 4 King of Diamonds / Disagree (interlude)
  • 5 Juggernaut
  • 6 The Difference / Watts60 (interlude)
  • 7 River Monster / Underground (interlude)
  • 8 Mercenary
  • 9 Colossal Beats
  • 10 Almost Famous
  • 11 Death Warrant
  • 12 Fear
  • [Intro:]
    What happens to our world if massive monstrous man beasts...like this...invade us?
    His arrival catapults the whole city into an ocean of fear.
    For this colossal beast is at war with the world.
    Our world. His savage instincts can only hate.

    [Verse 1 - Mad Child:]
    I got on stage and all I see is fuckin' legs runnin'
    Nobody wanna battle me, they know I'm head huntin'
    Represent the underground, dark force like Boba Fett
    Venomous saliva like I'm spittin' from a cobra's head
    An acrobatic jack-o-lantern, I'm immaculate
    Attack ya like the crackling jackal you should evacuate
    I still tag with spray paint, wearing skull face paint
    These days rappers are less filling but taste great
    I'm still a cannibal, a human with an AIDS fang
    I'm still as stupid as I was back in the eighth grade
    My tongue's fully loaded, clip in a Baryshnikov
    So tell your bitch to cancel Christmas if you piss me off
    I'm the little monster and I'm from the Addams Family
    Eat your fuckin' heart and then I'll feast on your anatomy
    Skulls are shattering, I spit assault and battery
    So douse you in battery acid to form a flattery

    [Verse 2 - Prevail:]
    Mercury Rising, rise a wave of Poseidon
    Abrasive arrival, basically spiral
    Viral eight headed Hydra?
    Amen-Ra, Amon Duul, Dawn World rise on all of you
    My pawns can cut a king in two, my songs are filled with fortitude
    Fortress fortified from you so you can not contain
    Break a Bat's back like Bane
    Take you there then set it off
    I'm Raw, Long Live The (King/Kane)
    C'mon y'all and let if fuel
    Dead and spread the residue
    Residence is Evil
    Run a fever turn to zombie, Walking Dead
    Inoculate the populate
    Apocalyptic red, assignment Omega Red
    Event Horizon dead environment now I'm firing
    Driving nails through my palms
    I've arrived in many forms and this is one
    Paint it black then Pitch it Black like Riddick
    Rap acidic, admit it, it's analytic
    Staring at different beta testing form it's written
    I'm creative as alpha K-9, take my time to kill like Cujo
    Fill numerical lines, Sudoku
    Y'all just Death Machine's so beautiful

    [Verse 3 - Esoteric:]
    Yo, if you ask me where the gat at I'm automatically mad at you
    Tapping into your brain and drain the reigns like a catheter
    Rising (Cane/'caine) like a trafficker, could probably maim your ambassador
    I live a wild life, I should move the label to Africa
    Rhyme a genius, fans to greet us, think I channeled Jesus
    You plan to beat us, nah you really want a chance to meet us
    You can't believe this, you jumpier than a trampoline is
    Your pansy demons all divas, a bunch of Angelinas
    I ran arenas in tan Adidas, commanding leaders
    You fuck around, get checked dirty like cancer screeners
    I gotta break the bad news man, you can't defeat us
    We the meanest, while you fruity like a tangerine is
    I stand the leanest, my mammoth penis bigger than the planet Venus
    Cameron Diaz saw it now she understands why I'm elitist
    She's mad when she can't see me like fan of Serena's
    I am the zenith of MCing, Esoteric heaters

    [Verse 4 - Celph Titled:]
    Let's play a game of Who Kills Who First
    Unemployed but I guarantee you my tools work
    I'm at the Head Banger's Ball with guitars and sawed off shot
    The breakfast master ready for the toast of the pop
    Pray for my enemies even though I'm not religious
    I do it just in case the good Lord wanna keep 'em living
    Insert the clip in my bitch, pull back her long nails
    The sights on the top rails, she a motherfuckin' bomb shell
    Y'all some clumsy soap handlers
    And if you snort my brand of gun powder, leave your nose cancerous
    No one want drama so let's move onto the snuff films
    Documents of me stretching your face into a duck bill
    So who the fuck real? (Me)
    I know for one it's the Army and the Swollen savages
    Rollin' with ratchets
    And holding world records for dome crackin' batting averages
    Sink your Battleship with one stroke when I smack a bitch

    [Verse 5 - Apathy:]
    It's like somebody threw a panty in the wishing well and wished for Hell
    I wish that AIDS would attack all your white blood cells
    My peace offering? A blanket that my grandma made
    Which I infected with a strain of the bubonic plague
    I spread famine, I slam body parts inside of cannons
    Shootin' over castle walls, somewhere over blood's landing
    I'm dancin' in red rain, insane as Charles Manson
    Examine my brain, all my slain victims are chanting my name
    Fuck the talk, I slice tongues from faces
    Tightening Nike laces, stormin' enemies bases
    Dueling at ten paces, a trail of cold cases
    I'm right up in your face but my mind's in a million places
    Best believe I'm wicked study tetrahedron physics
    Step inside a portal that resembles flowing liquid
    Foes inflected and boa constricted till they eyes are poppin'
    My concoction of hydra toxins will leave your body droppin'

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