Travis Porter College Girl Lyrics

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I got me a college girl
She is the best girl in the world
She loves to take shots with the homies
She never leave me lonely
She's my one and only
College girl
I got me a college girl

[Verse 1]
College girl, I love to romance her
I remember when I went to pick her up from Savannah
She used to go to Georgia State, she used to be a Panther
Get her in the bed she scratched a nigga like a panther
And she takes shots with the homies
Her favorite food is pizza so she loves the pepperonis
AKA so she's a sexy tenderoni
Don’t fuck with other bitches cause them other hoes be phony
Got a good head on her shoulders
Together we'll grow older
She's a modest girl
But until she graduates, she's a college girl...


[Verse 2]
I got a college lady, born in the 80s
She's a Grady baby, graduate from Grady
But that’s in high school, she's at Howard now
And she's so far away, I'm sending flowers now
And every time she visits, you know we're hanging out
And when I'm not around, I'm who she thinks about
And that’s my Howard girl, check out my Spelman girl
Shawty freak me real good, you better tell them, girl
No overnight visitations, so I'm sneaking in
And when I'm beating it, her roommates keep on peeking in
Class at 8, so I can’t stay late
So at 6 in the morning I am gonna skate

College is where she wants to be
I got a college girl come stay with me

Fortune and fame, that don’t even matter
I made it to the top and put my baby on the ladder
Smoking and drinking, just me and my baby
When I'm on the road, I be thinking 'bout my baby
My distant lover, so many miles away
I wish she would've never ever moved away
I got a shorty at UGA, shorties at Georgia State
Shorty in Jamaica but no one can take her place

I love college and college girls
So shout out to my colleges all around the world