Holy Blood Cold Winds Lyrics

The Wanderer Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Bogatyr Gates in Capital Town in Kiev
  • 2 The Wanderer
  • 3 Kill
  • 4 The Warrior
  • 5 Morning
  • 6 In the Lake of Fire
  • 7 The Poor World
  • 8 The Dnieper
  • 9 On Drakkares of Fate
  • 10 Cold Winds
  • 11 Kill (remix)
  • In the freedom of the night emptiness surrounds all
    And ravens are whirling menacingly in my thoughts
    Trying tocut through my brain, without the use of a knife
    The blood of my veins have frozen with fear of evil
    And cruel depression destroys with the sword
    Impossible to avoid the eclipse of thoughts
    And the abyss has opened her mouth to devour

    But there is a power to change everything
    There is a truth that will give power to live
    There is a fairness, the dream is given to me
    There is a faithfull word, the word of Christ

    The Cold is completely piercing the soul
    Agony of thoughts, evil fate
    The eternity of torment begins here

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