Katatonia Cold Ways Lyrics

Discouraged Ones Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Break
  • 2 Stalemate
  • 3 Deadhouse
  • 4 Relention
  • 5 Cold Ways
  • 6 Gone
  • 7 Last Resort
  • 8 Nerve
  • 9 Saw You Drown
  • 10 Instrumental
  • 11 Distrust
  • I can't do what you do
    I'm just able to treat it down yeah
    Stay in a cold minute of sleep
    See the world
    Right through the ether
    Twisting names inside of me
    Electric atmosphere to be
    Must carry on one last time
    Cannot end what has begun
    In your eyes
    You're alive
    But in my eyes
    You're a lie
    You can't do what I do
    I'm just able to ruin you yeah
    Stay in the cold ways of winter
    See myself right through the ether
    In my eyes
    You're the lie

    Written by: Anders Nystrom, Jonas Petter Renkse
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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