Babylon Whores Cold Hummingbird Lyrics

Sloane 313 Track Listing
  • 1 Of Blowjobs and Cocktails
  • 2 Cold Hummingbird
  • 3 Speed Doll
  • 4 Babylon Astronaut
  • 5 Silver Apples
  • I am all alone
    Curled up on the kitchen floor I lie
    Snow is falling down
    Perfect patterns in night sky
    Pure white noise between my ears
    A clean white thing
    In the corner of my vision
    Loaded with apple wine
    And turkeys stuffed and cold
    With a cool cough
    I sought some velvet medicaton
    To blow away the thoughts that secured me
    At the station

    Mercury vacation
    On the brink of white damnation
    I want a room with a view
    A room with a deja vu

    Go on and sing cold humming bird
    Of the borders of my world
    Sing low cold humming bird
    Of the borders of my world

    Covered with blood of swine
    I am a demon from hell
    The mummy's curse
    I am the Devil's rain
    And everything is just the same
    Everything is just the same

    If I should die before I wake
    Pray my soul to take
    Hum a song for my sake
    Cold humming bird

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