Too $hort Coke Dealers Lyrics

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Cassette 1
  • 1 Players
  • 2 From Here To New York
  • 3 Don't Even Stop
  • 4 Wild , Wild , West
  • 5 Everytime
  • 6 Dance (Don't Geek)
  • 7 Coke Dealers
  • [VERSE 1]
    Now.. I come from the Oakland town
    Task force roll and rock, cold cracked down
    Young brothers my age making dollars so long
    Drive a brand new Benz with a cellular phone
    See him draped in gold, we call him Big Bank Bob
    Got a ring for each finger and he can't get a job
    Call him trash, he supplies for the dopefiend's tweak
    But what you make in a year he might make in a week
    Cold cash money is the answer to life
    Feedin fat hovers to a dopefiend's pipe
    Gotta keep rollin, just can't stop
    Only two worries are a thief or the cops
    People keep sayin: it's all so wrong
    But the rocks roll strong all night long
    Another Park Street life, the age old story
    And now the coke dealers take all the glory
    They're the ones you meet big time on the street
    I say the coke dealers are now the elite
    See, the average dopehouse will take your soul
    Trade it for a rock and do the same with your gold
    But if you think about it really it all sounds silly
    Smoked out Willie in his washed off Philly
    Open up shop down the block
    And everybody's tryin to get a piece of that rock

    Coke dealers
    Big time, baby

    [VERSE 2]
    Cocaine the demon, it knows you well
    Sellin you a trip to a place called hell
    You never even thought you'd get hooked
    Starin in the mirror, scared to look
    You think about life and think it's cold
    Like drivin with a ???? down a rocky road
    Now the rock man is your best friend
    The only one you talk to time and again
    You even tried dealin, but that's no fun
    Before you made a sale it was in your lungs
    So the coke dealer now lives on your life
    Like a four year marriage you're the man's wife
    You can hate it with a passion, but you won't fuss
    He's the driver of a Caddy and you're ridin the bus
    You think it's not fair, I tell you it is
    Cause he bought yours and you bought his
    Bought his cars, his clothes, and he bought the coke
    Now he looks good and you look smoked
    It doesn't take much to realize
    All you gotta do is just open your eyes
    You're cold bein pimped by a rock in some glass
    What's it gonna take before you fall on your ass?
    Bankrupt, smoked out, just simply through
    Cold street walkin with a hole in your shoe

    Coke dealers
    Big time, baby

    [VERSE 3]
    I once had a homeboy rollin strong
    Sold coke all day and all night long
    He made a lotta money and bought a lotta stuff
    But soon he went broke and it didn't take much
    First he started smokin, and all that he figured
    Was the more he sold dope, you see his bank got bigger
    But my homie thought wrong cause he could be stopped
    The vice squad rolled and the boy got popped
    He was out on bail before he made it to jail
    Wasn't about to do time when he's doin so well
    Say he had a lotta money and some real good friends
    But he was almost broke when he flipped again
    So he got on his grind, he wasn't wastin a day
    Opened up shop and started pumpin the weight
    He thought about the boys that he could not pay
    So he hustled by himself thinkin that's okay
    But one night he was chillin with a freak named Carol
    His door was kicked in and he was starin at a barrel
    The brother with the gun saw him tweak on the base
    Walked right up and put the Uzi in his face
    He said, "Give up the dope if you still wanna breathe
    I tell you one time, you better listen to me"
    As my homie got robbed he lost the fight
    And now he's just a smoker probably totin tonight

    Coke dealers
    Yeah, I'm big time, baby

    Coke dealers
    Big time, baby

    Coke dealers
    Big time, baby
    The City of Dope
    It don't stop

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