The Velvet Teen Code Red Lyrics

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Code red

“Code Red!” she screamed
as the gun fell from her hand
“i don’t deserve this
go away, let me be by myself for awhile.
what have i done? i’m so lonely.”

she rages in an unpadded room for the thrill
“i hate you! get the hell out!
i didn’t mean that.
i hope you stay for awhile.
do you forgive me?
fuck you-cover it up.
i didn’t mean that.
i’m sorry-i go crazy sometimes.
i love you so much.
i hate you, cover it up.
i didn’t mean that.
i don’t know why you put up with me.
get out of my life.”

code red: two words
that sum up our lives sometimes
a panicked sense we all know.
no one takes the blame.
no one deserve the blame.
it’s just something that happens.
Thanks to Joe/ for submitting Code Red Lyrics.

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