Jonathan Thulin Coat Of Arms Lyrics

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The air is cold tonight, there's gun powder in my eyes
This is the eve of battle, yes
I left my other life behind, all I can see is the front line
This is the eve of battle

Pre Chorus: Is this real, this cause I'm fighting for
Am I real, I don't know anymore

Chorus: What do I stand for? Am I left am I right
Am I up and down am I east am I west
Do I wear the crown, is my creed worth dying for?
What do I live for? Can you tell on my face
What my heart beats for do the words that I speak
Show it to the core, does my glow outshine the stars
Can you see my coat of arms?

The drummer boy's getting ready
I'm trying to keep my hands steady
This is the dawn of battle, Yes
I've never been this afraid
Forgot my family and my name
This is the dawn of battle

Pre Chorus:


Bridge: Every second counts as the clock ticks back and forth
Time is running out tell me do you know for sure
Who you are cause you only have one life to live
You only have one life to live

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