Cryptic Slaughter Co-Exist Lyrics

Fear! A fear that is learned
Somebody told you
Hear! What I have to say
Or must I show you
We're! All in it together
So don't believe the lies
You're! Gonna make a difference
But only if you try

Round and round
We keep going
On a train
No sign of slowing
But I tell you it's
Got to slop
Beat a dead horse
'Til we drop

Man! We all are the same
There is no difference
Can't! We ever be one
And see beyond the skin
Race! Is something to win
But we keep losing ground
Peace! Before it's too late
I want to hear the sound

A slight of hand a twisted mind
The touch of hate has made you blind
Fight in the streets can't get no sleep
Pushing and shoving we're in too deep

Written by: Bret Davis, Brian Lehfeldt, Dave Hollinsworth, Les Evans

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