Plies Co-Defendant Lyrics

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I do not **** wit a lot og *****s, bruh
They see me, they goin' see me solo bruh
These ***** *** *****s out here too creep for me, bruh
These *****s is not goin' state me, bruh
Y'all call them *****s y'all homeboys
Cracker call y'all organization

[Chorus: x2]
Stay in my own lane
Mind my own business
Hit my own licks
Get my own pennies
Keep these *****s from round me, cause I ain't friendly
You'll never slide up under me and be my co-defendant

Time to do business
Drop *****s off
Never run to them crackers on me bout what ya saw
Never snake me, and get me knocked off
*****s like hos, love to run they ****in' mouth
Speak to them in the streets, won't bring them to my house
I don't trust neither *****, north or the south
Won't be around me tryin' to scope it out
That super friendly ****, ain't about
I don't him, keep him from round me
Tryin' to peep something?
What you tryin' see?
Never get that close to find out where I be
I don't know that *****
Get him from 'round me

[Chorus: x2]

*****s come around, guess what? I stop talkin'
Holla at you *****s later, grab my **** and start walkin'
**** that ****, I done seen too much
It seem *****s scope *****s and gettin' *****s touched
Get in friends wit *****s, turn 'round and set 'em up
Even my own dog, talk to 'em bout certain stuff
My own friends come around, ***** I hush
Outside of court rooms, ***** I done seen enough
Time to get money, I'm so loyal
4 deep doin' business, that's a no-no
Cause what a ***** thinkin', you will never know
But do my own time *****, if I have to go

[Chorus: x2]

Ion **** wit no *****, who got a lot of friends
Cause you never know, who that ***** want to win
You vibe wit too many *****s, you spread yourself then
And them the type of *****s, know everybody business then
***** too friendly, no telling who he wit
You *****s **** wit any *****, you can't do it big
Guaranteed you will never slide up under kid
I keep my eyes open, and my fire hid
That's how I stay away, from all the **** ****
I gotta couple homeboys, but I don't run wit clique
The least a ***** know, the less he can snitch
I run solo, so I don't have to kill a *****

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Tyler Williams, Algernod Washington, Alexander Martin, Ronell Levatte
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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