Gabrielle Closure Lyrics

Always Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Always
  • 2 Heartbreaker
  • 3 Why
  • 4 I Remember
  • 5 Every Little Teardrop
  • 6 I'm Not in Love
  • 7 Love Me Like You Do
  • 8 Wiser
  • 9 All I Want
  • 10 It's Breaking My Heart
  • 11 Cold Sober Moment
  • 12 Show Me Love
  • 13 Closure

  • why does it have to be
    time is never right for me
    what a gotta say
    can I be delay
    why do I have to go first
    be the one to cause a hurt
    of you holding on
    knowing that is wrong

    you know it isn't easy
    that I know you waiting for me
    just stay in front of you
    and I watch you couldn't do
    confer with sober ???
    this is closure
    and it' time to face the true
    and I giving you (I giving you) your closure
    and it's hard for me to say
    though I say it anyway
    this is over
    this is closure

    how time is come and gone
    together we don't belong
    nothin' we can say
    whatever make that change
    I've gone the better of worst
    somehow we make it were
    there's no happy end
    when we can be friends

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