Micall Parknsun Closing Credits Lyrics

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God bless everybody
Make this possible
Pick up my family, the boys been here
And that’s not only blood relative
Pick up Jess, pick up Yegga
Called em in, got me through this
Pick up Double Edge, pick up Badbonez
Pick up Joker Starr, pick up Apollo
Pick up Gymo
Making this
And the sound happen as you may see it, hear it
Pick up Butcher, pick up Noos
Little Alfie, pick up the smurf
Pick up Mr. Fin, you got some work to do fam
Pick up the sword arms
Flying on, you got with this heavy ih
Called you a day ago
Pick up CUI foundation
Pick up phasers
Pick up Raddy, pick up Defect
Pick up this angel
They got wire now obiously
And everyone close to me or forgot
Oh shit yea, I forgot this
Pick up Aky
For the MPC 1000, making this album
Thank you
Me, Myself & Akai

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