Jaheim Closer Lyrics

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Oh yeah

I met this girl named Donna
From B.M Alabama
I really like that smile
Those legs, they went for miles

I asked her what's her name
While sizin' up her frame
Feelin' some type of way about her

She was all up on me, couldn't say no
Got a plane to catch but she won't let me go
I really love my life, but I'm missin' just one thing
That woman by my side, forever and always

[Chorus: x2]
Come, a little bit closer
Spread out, like you were a poster
Girl I want to, put it on you

Ain't nobody here, it's just you and me baby
Ain't nobody here, I say we get a little crazy
Let's take it to the room, so many things I wanna do

Girl your kisses just like caramel
Smooth like ice-cream, straight from "Carvel"
Can't control my hands (I can't control my hands)
I hope you understand
I want you to

[Chorus: x2]

Can't nobody tell me, that I don't love this girl
It's drivin' me crazy, I'm tryna offer her the world
And when I think about the past, don't wanna bring it back
Lonely missin' heartache is all I ever had
Come closer, come closer
To me

I want you to

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Brandon White, Balewa M. Muhammad, Michael Anthony Warren, Jaheim Hoagland, Clifton Lighty
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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