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Backstreet Boys Lyrics

Close your eyes, make a wish
This could last forever
If only you could stay with me now
So tell me what it is, that keeps us from each other now
Yeah, it's coming to get me
You're under my skin

No I can't let you go
You're a part of me now
Caught by the taste of your kiss
And I don't want to know the reason why I can't stay forever like this
Now I'm climbing the walls cause I miss you

Take my hand, take my life
Just don't take forever
And let me feel your pain kept inside (ohh yeah)
There's gotta be a way, you and I together now
Yeah it's comin' to get me
You're under my skin


It's an illusion, how can I feel this way?
(if I can't have you)
It's an illusion, nothing is real this way
(if I can't have you)


I can't let you go, no
And I don't want to know the reason why
I can't stay forever like this (no no)
Now I'm climbing the walls 'cause I miss (I miss you) you

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