Treble Charger Cleric's Hip Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 [data track]
  • 2 Morale
  • 3 Even Grable
  • 4 Case In Fact
  • 5 Cleric's Hip
  • 6 Sick Friend Called
  • 7 Motor Control
  • 8 Slight
  • All the words that you use and you went through
    To decide what you heard

    Lie and deny me
    All that's left of you in my mind
    Look at me in the eye and find me

    Everything you told me
    Sounds so slow
    If you tried to let me
    I'd still know
    All of that except me
    Even though
    Whether or not regret me
    Can you show that I might see?

    All that's left to you in behind
    Look me in the eye and find me then

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