Imogen Heap Clear the Area Lyrics

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Knock knock, are you alone?
No one's out here and I was not followed
Love love, you're already home
Party's over and you don't look so good

You'll find your way back down
And I'll keep the area clear
(Please clear the area)
When you find your way back down
In one piece
Then I'll just be waiting here
Right here

Low light, mercury morning
No need to stay as it's always nothing
But your eyes tell a whole other story
And I feel the weight of the world

I won't talk
I won't try
Just move
It's too still in your sadness

Give up
It's okay
You've just got to trust me


Slowly, darling
Nobody means any more to me than you
If you're in, baby then I'm in (into this)
With you always
Careful, close to the edge (you're scaring me)
Fall into my arms (where did it all fall)
Fall into love (love)

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Imogen Jennifer Heap
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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