Jacquees Clean Lyrics

Woke up thank god, everything good,
Money on my mind so I'm getting straight to it
I'm taking off all my way tomorrow
Got somebody's girl, hanging off my arm
Telling me that she'll be so bored
So I told hop aboard [?]
Like baby let go, off in the space we go
He's never been this hot hot
No he never been fly, never been fly
He is not I I am the guy
Clean from my head, to my shoes and my socks
There's no other way to do it, shawty
Let's just how I do It

I wake up early in the morning
Nothing on my bean but how to get this guala
I gotta stay clean
Is not copy thing they follow
They are watching me
Cause the women like the scene
So I gotta stay clean
Stay clean, clean
If I gotta, I gotta, I gotta stay clean
Stay clean, clean
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta stay clean, clean clean, clean

Okay I'm smelling like polo fresh as a photo
You would think I'm amazing the way I'm pulling these young girls
Got my black shades on, and my wrist look like summer
And my neck so cold I could get sick from the weather
I like my Beat Down Low and my baseline high
In the car with the windows black like my name CI you
Gonna get me for you see me as I came my money right
So I let my speakers bump even when I'm out all night


All my clothes is made in countries that I can't pronounce it
We gonna basket ball but only if you make that booty
Bounce gotta thaw my jewelry out
'cause I keep it in the refrigerator
Show you how to get this money
Let me be your demonstrator
Your girl keep on calling me
She wanna go to dinner later
Honestly she gone be lucky if I hit her later
Me I just collect the check like a dinner waiter
You you been a hater I'm a money generator
I don't need a pen and paper I'm cleaner than listerine
All my diamonds crystal clean
Yo girl want to kiss the king
Don Dada I make you bow down and kiss the ring
The way I ball ball ball
Call me Mr. Clean


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