Young Buck Clean Up Man Lyrics

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Aiyyo you *****z done ate long enough
G-Unit! Ohh!

AYYY, I'm the clean up man!
It ain't too many *****z that can do it like I can
When them records ain't sellin' and the stitches start tellin'
************ they yellin, get 'em Buck!!
Grindin' grindin', I can make it happen
Cause I'm, grindin' grindin', I ain't only rappin'
Man I'm, grindin' grindin', you know who to call
I be, grindin' grindin', this is for my dawgs

What's goin' on with the Unit these days? (let 'em know)
Well I'ma tell you e'rybody gettin' paid
And I hear you *****z talkin', prayin' on our downfall
Took a couple losses, still we some outlaws
Ya ***** still lovin' my swag
We let you *****z eat, why the **** is you mad?
I never left the streets, I really ran to 'em
And since I know they watchin' me I let my man do 'em
Money, a house and a bad *****
Way 'fore the rap game man I had this (*****z know)
You don't know about bein' broke
Standin' on the block sellin' fiends soap
Holla at me


Let's sip the 'gnac for a minute
Shawty you feelin' this then put your back in it (hey!)
I'm back in it in an all-black fitted
In an all-black tinted-up drop top Bentley
Like, ayyy! You know what it is (yeah!)
I got my own jewelry baby, this ain't none of his (okay!)
Just holla when you need me
Show a ***** love when you see me
I can carry the weight, fifty just put it on my shoulders
G-Unit is the gang, I'm a **********in' soldier
They thought it was over, he let me out the cage (hey!)
So now they got me standin on this goddamn stage, like


Before I leave let me put this on your brain
If rap stop today, I still do my thang
I bought a Benz way before I bought me a chain
Took my momma out the Bricks and bought a car in her name
Paid my ***** Head bond just to get him on the streets
Hope if I get locked up *****z do it for me
Keep the project lights on, payin' e'rybody bills
All my homies dead, I'm takin' care of e'rybody kids
And I got this, you can count on me
To come through, when the home team down by three
I'm gon' shoot, and even if a ***** did miss
I bet you next quarter I'll be back in this *****, like


Yeah, why'know *****z out there
Nah nah, hold on
Why'know some *****z out there
Mighta thought the Unit was over or some ****
You *****z is losin' your ****in' minds man, ha ha
Aiyyo man I got this **** right now, ya mean?
Get the **** out my lane, yeah
Why'know, that's why that ***** fifty
That's why he got his feet kicked up right now
Ha ha, Sha Money I got you *****
Straight up, so, oh yo
I'm expectin' to be at the awards this year!

Written by: Jake Dutton, D. Brown, R. Mandell
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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