8Ball Classic Pimpin Lyrics

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And it will be just the 2 of us cruising
Bumping me and you when
You know what we doing, we know what we pursuing
Let's go and geta steak or two
Straight with me and straight with you
I feel like we gonn make it through
Whatever shit they take us through
Pimp tight, mj, you know you can call on
If you ever get in trouble, you can put it all on me
Real is the sound of beat, you know that I'm not trick
You know that I got heart, you know that you part of it
After you keep playing on some Friday, Saturday, Sunday shit
I will be the manager you will wanna spend your money with
That's when you wake up and realize it's not the money
It's companionship, friendship, hard time, funny shit

You call me just in time, I just hopped out the shower
Yeah you been on my mind, did you get them flowers
Yeah I got them pictures, they still in my phone
What you doing later, gonn be at home
Maybe I slide through, wine and some stick buds
Maybe we eat some dinner, then go jump in the tub
Maybe we hit the city, see what all the fuss about
Whatever's clever, daddy's never tryina stress you out
My money's not an issue, her money's not an issue
You know that feeling when someody let you know they miss you
Good girl, part time bad girl
I need you twice a day like people need take advil.

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