The Unseen Guest Circle in the Dirt Lyrics

Out There Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Let Me In
  • 2 In the Black
  • 3 Anywhere Somewhere
  • 4 Listen My Son
  • 5 Mangla Express
  • 6 Sandalista
  • 7 Out There
  • 8 Circle in the Dirt
  • 9 One Down
  • 10 Never Enough
  • Beneath the Sun and the burning sky
    The higher you go the further you’ll fly
    Turning away with your private smile
    Seemed you could see for a thousand miles

    And while the World falls down around you
    You shroud yourself in clouds of smoke
    You drink a toast to those beside you
    But your amity is like a private joke

    You mark a circle in the dirt
    Like you were tied to a tree
    The same movie plays over again
    With different actors in the scene

    You thought you’d made a break
    From the things that weigh you down
    But if you dam a river
    The water finds a way around.

    Now you’ve got your own gravity
    Your orbit fills up the room
    We join you in your vanity
    And sing with you out of tune

    Circle in the dirt ©2004 Declan Murray / Amith Narayan

    Written by: Amith Narayan, Declan Murray

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