Chris Webby Church (intro) Lyrics

There Goes the Neighborhood Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Church (intro)
  • 2 What I Do
  • 3 Skyline
  • 4 There Goes the Neighborhood
  • 5 Bad Guy
  • 6 Through the Roof
  • 7 Bounce
  • 8 I'm Gone
  • 9 Take Me Home
  • 10 Until I Die
  • Welcome, welcome! All you ninjas!
    Come on in and make some room
    Move on over, now! Go- Watch out for the baby head!
    The baby... you about to head the baby in the head..
    Now, why you gotta take up both seats? just move on over!
    Lets start the show
    We have a special guest tonight... He goes by the name of Chris Webby
    Now, this young man, hails from Connecticut
    And now, after SIX MIXTAPES
    Countless SOLD OUT shows
    And many a SATISFIED FAN!
    All you ninjas, give a warm welcome to your... CHRIS WEBBY

    [Verse 1: Chris Webby]
    Yeah, you see I’m buzzin’ now
    Shovel in hand, I dug from the underground
    Lyrical artillery loaded with forty-dozen rounds
    They used to run they mouth, shit, they Daffy Duckin’ now!
    Came out spittin', first photo shoot was my ultrasound
    Throwin’ up my middle fingers in my mother’s uterus
    Spittin’ fire off a the top, Mount Vesuvius
    Always caught disturbin' the peace, they said I was ludicrous
    Crazy, unpredictable, nutty, but never stupid, bitch
    Smart guy like Taj Mauer, eatin’ pot brownies
    On the run for killin' beats until the fuckin’ cops found me
    On the loose again, apple juice and gin
    Outmaneuverin’ my enemies, leave ‘em with sutures in
    Cut ‘em up, cause my flow is sharper than Excalibur
    Maximus, Decimus, Maridius to these challengers
    Gladiator in the flesh, swingin' for your fuckin' neck
    Slicin' up these beats, while you bitches can even cut a check
    Up next, final stop, success, like…

    Now hold on, now hold up, hold on now, hold on...
    You gots to teach these boys how to rap..
    Cause what these boys out here is doing, is not rap, it's WACK!
    You got to show them the multi-syllable schemes
    You got to show them the air-tight flow
    You got to show them, them punchlines
    Now get on in there and do your thing, son!

    [Verse 2: Chris Webby]
    Everything I do, I do it with heart
    Werewolf with a full moon in the dark
    Tear a fuckin' human apart, I’m stupidly smart
    Started on the east, but my music made a westward expansion
    Somethin' like Lewis and Clark, climbin' up the musical charts
    And me fallin' off?, that’s like Bullseye from Daredevil losin' in darts
    I’m just a crazy motherfucker
    Who was bred to be a monster, since the eighties motherfucker
    I’m lyrically inclined, put my spirit in my rhymes
    Veins pumpin’ Hip-Hop, you can hear it in my lines
    Rollin’ with a bunch of goons, everyday we grindin’ on
    And we all spark, you can catch me up on Cybertron
    I am on everything, Bad Meets Evil-er
    That’s just how the cookie crumbles, motherfuckin' Keebler!
    Mark my teachers words, they told me that I should be mature
    But now that my pockets beefed up, I’m never goin' vegan, sir
    Grindin’ ‘till the fuckin’ day I stop breathin', word!

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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