Ca$his Church (Amen) Lyrics

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600 bitches laid up
My ego can't be deflated
I'm laid up with the crazy bitch
I even get evicted in the church
I like to pop puss
And now my role comes and baby girl
I'm gonna make you twerk,go to work
No cap'n saving money no cap'n Kirk
Hot boy fiending on the Lala land turf
Who wanna get murked 'cause I'm turned and you burped
Gang Gang on your shirt wing wing on your face smirk
And certify murda God do it for the terf
My uncle Pac Man soul lifting out my verse
This bogus boy by blood
I ain't talking 'bout rap shit
Active, anything let the mac spit
On my pro black shit but it's no passes accept it
If you want it push your shit back, kid
Like a constipated toddler I'm whooping on your ass
Now my pop book on your father
My brother out cold I'm the star
Living stud that's my brother Sonny Capone
I got your focus regardless
View dead meat and my rap meat market
Ill hip and talking
MC's I snipe out the martian
When the time the gun click one shot argent
LA to Austin , New York and
You ain't on the road 'cause you ain't that important
That's for all my haters I for grip and go and build a time machine
Until your mama abortion a real G
I mean nigga LA king
I'm on the scene bitches PBG
A real nigga LA king
I'm on the scene nigga PBG
You better duck when you see me
Terrorist putting niggas in the dirt
Pussy on the truck I make that bitch just go to work, go to work

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