Smosh Christmas With Billy Lyrics

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Hey everyone
Don't you love Christmas
I know I do

Hey everybody
Hanging out just for this Christmas.
Time hanging out for Christmas
Oh yeah

I love my grandma
She is very awesome
Wait, grandma, No, get off
Oh no, Grandma

Grandma just got hit by a reindeer, oh no

She appears in a coma, Grandmaaaa
Won't you wake up up, Grandma

Grandma won't be here for Christmas
Then, I don't know if she's gonna be back
She has a huge blashration on her face

I still love Christmas though
Because I don't get any crap
I get a bunch of expensive presents
So fuck my grandma

All she gets me is socks
So I don't really care
About her
She smells funny too

And I love Christmas
Because I put rocks in snowballs
And kill people with them

Bye everyone
Have a Merry Christmas

I hope you come out of the coma sometime

I love boobs

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