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Behemoth Lyrics

Lead: Nergal

Spreading sickness and disease among the men
Grubby creed!
What are ye but the soulless meat?
Cancer consuming Thy race from inside
No grace awaits Thee in the crying skies above

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil's work

vultures attack!
May hell unlock overpowering might
Mourn not, my comrades!
Thou art fateless in the blinding light
On the altair of liberation crucify the whore
Drink to crucifixion
For oppresion is no more!

sly the whore!
Make it bleed,
Make it weep
Let id die forever more
Slit the throat!
Let them rot
Let them pay
Let em taste their own blood
Make em crawl!
Upon this corpse
I shall feast
'till no hope remains for the twisted mob!

Raise thy sword of judgement, loose the iron rain
Beat the drum
No earthly power
May hinder nor stop Thee
Manifestation ov Mut
Protector ov Ma'at
I call upon the most divine
To spew forth this infecting dust ov life

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil's work

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