Shai Hulud Chorus of the Dissimilar Lyrics

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This easy living, it sure tastes good
Let's make a killing down in Hollywood
Then buy ourselves some nice, fancy home in the hills
Oh, spend our time spending ten dollar bills

Watch out, 'cause here I come
Bored and lazy
Here I come
No dignity
So long, sad city of angels
Oh, you ain't been very good to me

You take that blood right from my body
You leave me far away from home
Well, I've got to keep on moving
'Cause I was built to roam

But New York City,
I'll see you soon
Spend all my money on some elbow room
Wander around like I got someplace fancy to go
I'm the king of Brooklyn for all she knows

Sit back and watch me go,
Bored and lazy
Watch me go;
Just passing through
Follow me beyond the mountains
Go howl at the ol' big moon

Strip them clothes right from your body
Dress your skin in sticks and stones
It doesn't matter where we're headed
'Cause some of us were built to roam

We were built to roam

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