Machine Gun Kelly feat. Young Jeezy Chip Off the Block Lyrics

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[Intro: Slim Gudz]
Hold up, hold up, hold up
I don't think y'all know what's going on right now
They got MGK in the booth
He about to go in
MGK light this bitch up, lets go
(*Imitates machine gun fire*)

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Would've thought that a little muthafucker from The Land wouldda came up and made them stacks?
Never was warm in the city, so I had to get on the record and come blaze these tracks
And I'm all around haters everyday, but I guess that's just what fame attracts
But fuck that, where the bucks at?
Man I need that green in my box like Apple Jacks
Matter fact, see me in a ride so foreign you can't understand
6 speed hitting 60, 0 to 3, so come catch me if you can
Speak in ebonics, give a fuck what Mr. Webster said
Let a smart girl read my dick-tionary, I call that "Ms. Webster head"
Man I gotta get it, when I'm gonna get it, how I gotta get it, and whenever Imma do, I get that
Every moment I want it, cause every day I be grinding
So when you wanna make a move, I'm with that, yeah
Chip off the block
My story in the booth taking off the lock
And put the shit back on when I'm on the top
So I got the game cuffed up like the cops
And I don't fuck with them
But the Eastside? Yeah, I got love for them
Anybody wanna hate on me, then get on my level, but you will never ever, so I got scrubs for them
Yeah, and I'm from the city where all of the good die young and the old don't make it
So we just hang in in the middle ground
Ready for whatever boy, don't mistake it
Bitch I'm from Cleveland, bet they know what we claim
Cause we ryling muthafuckers, EST in the game

[Interlude: Slim Gudz

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