Biz Markie Chinese Food Lyrics

Weekend Warrior Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Tear Shit Up
  • 3 Chinese Food
  • 4 Let Me See You Bounce
  • 5 Like a Dream
  • 6 Biz Clownin’ (interlude)
  • 7 Throw Back
  • 8 Friends
  • 9 Do Your Thang
  • 10 Country (interlude)
  • 11 Turn Back the Hands of Time
  • 12 Games
  • 13 Not a Freak
  • 14 Party to the Break‐a‐day
  • 15 Beatbox (interlude)
  • 16 For the DJ’z
  • 17 Get Down
  • 18 Ei Ya
  • Yo, you know this is.. FON-KAY
    I'd like to say rest in peace, to Aaliyah (sweet thing)
    And 'Left Eye' Lopez
    But, you know, shout out to my man Bruce Lee
    Jackie Chan, check it out, Jet Li

    [Verse One]
    I'ma bring it to you like this
    Drop a three pointer from the corner like swish
    Walk around with a name belt and a funky new rap
    Shell tops new and Space Invaders cap
    Old school like, bread and gravy
    Me and Monty roll together like Fred and Grady
    Ain't, nothin you can say to stop this mad man
    Play Defender, Centipede and Ms. Pac-Man
    Just like Martin Luther I had a dream
    In a house with no heat, just kerosene
    Call Biz Mark, so you get the better connection
    The type to wear Timbs to a weddin reception
    I'm so smart, I even got a GED
    Plus a vide-oh-oh, BET, and MTV
    I'm the best thing out now go ask your moms
    Spendin money on cars just to pass the time

    Four chicken wings with shrimp fried rice, that's good
    {*scratch: "Egg foo yung"*
    Beef and broccoli with a little white rice, that's good
    {*scratch: "Fried one time"*
    Chicken chow mein with a little white rice, that's good
    {*sample: "Mix it mix it up nice"*
    I need a couple of egg rolls in my neighborhood, that's good

    [Verse Two]
    I'm the Uptown rhymer, large like Big Momma
    Keep three girls on the couch like "Oh Drama"
    End every line with period, no comma
    Hidin out 'til I'm found like Osama
    Walk on water, filled with pirahnas
    Want the tie within coats with no liner
    If I ever lose my girl, I go find her
    If not, I got Shirl' and Tawanna
    Right back on ya, yep the old timer
    Any contract you got, I no sign-a
    Don't smoke or use drugs, of no kind-a
    Everything that I wear, is de-signer
    Just like Dolce, hang with Gabbana
    Biz Mark play his part, the show timer
    Make any party hot like your sauna
    Still keep the crowd controlled with no drama

    [Chorus] - change last line to "I need SOME egg rolls.." etc.

    [Verse Three]
    It's the Mmah, Zah-aYYAH, Rrah, Zah-KaYYAH
    When Guiliani leave I will be the Mayor
    In the year two-thou', I'm gonna house
    I'm still tryin to look up a girl's blouse
    Got a Hummer for the summer, Benz for my girlfriend
    When it comes to ice, I got a lot of dia-monds
    I'm hangin at the Rucker, watchin skip-to-my-loo
    Girls askin me to do the {*puh, ah one-two*
    Weather is good, about eighty degrees
    My X-Ray vision seein thongs and G's
    Thankin the Lord for the beautiful day
    I seen people sippin on Tanqueray
    Everything's the same, in the new millen'
    Seattle is where, they got a Hip-Hop Museum
    So listen to the way I rock the spot
    Right about now I'ma make you hot

    [Chorus] - change last line again

    [Biz Markie]
    Rrrrrah! The Emmezah..
    Hey, Bruce Lee! Jackie Chan! My man Jet Li!
    Five Deadly Venoms, the Master Killer
    Huang Yu, Angela Mayo, okay
    {*Biz imitating the oriental beat*
    I'm the Bizz Markeeee and I can rock
    To {???
    I can't forget my man by the name of {? he rock
    He rock, I'm the Biz and I STOP Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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