Southern Tenant Folk Union Chest Freezer Lyrics

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I have a storm still castle
Buried, treasure ships
The truth is I am important
There is no, no love or hate.

My body, trained special forces
Magic and black hill spells.
My garden grows huge prize winners
Fresh water from my self-dug will.

It’s cold inside my house,
The windows to feel your breath.
This riffle is loaded ready
With cross cut I’ll open death.

The forest I invented
Is for breaks and battleships.
That rock you are now holding
Is new rock from the underplace.

I’ll reuse and recycle
The meals, hopeless folk.
And ate by for just freezer
Access to land by boat.
Candles in fresh aroma,
A low ring far is with
Reminds me of supermarkets
Before they returned to bets.

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