Ray Charles Cherry Lyrics

Dedicated to You Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Hardhearted Hannah
  • 2 Nancy
  • 3 Margie
  • 4 Ruby
  • 5 Rosetta
  • 6 Stella by Starlight
  • 7 Cherry
  • 8 Josephine
  • 9 Candy
  • 10 Marie
  • 11 Diane
  • 12 Sweet Georgia Brown
  • Cherry, Cherry, ain't in a shame
    That you can't be sweet as your name
    Always flirtin', havin' your fun (having your fun)
    Never sayin' if I'm the one (if I'm the one)

    But if I am, I'll hang around
    Till you grow up and settle down
    Oh will you (Cherry) while your heart's on a spree
    Cherry, save your loving for me
    (Cherry, I'll get you yet)

    Cherry (Cherry) I say Cherry
    Woah, I'll make a bet
    Oh, Cherry, Cherry
    I'll get you yet

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