Maestro Fresh‐Wes Check My Vernacular Lyrics

“Naaah, Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada?!!” Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I’m Drinkin’ Milk Now
  • 2 Check My Vernacular
  • 3 Pray to da East
  • 4 Certs Wid Out da Retsyn
  • 5 Mic Mechanism
  • 6 Makin’ Records
  • 7 Fine Tune da Mic
  • 8 Brown Sugar
  • 9 How Many Styles
  • 10 “Dat’s My Nigga!!”
  • 11 Higher Level
  • 12 Bring It On (remix)
  • 13 Make It for the Ruff
  • 14 “Dat’s My Nigga!!” (instrumental)

  • [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    My rhymes are stinging like a killer bee
    My cometition are wishing that killing me
    For my similies and solioquies
    They garbage, but I'm the largest
    With the hardest style to disregard
    Check your cartridge, on your tech-niques
    Wes speaks, over the best beats
    Fresh until the next week
    I'm outlandish, I bandage the mic bringing anguish
    I'm sturdy when doing the dirty language
    And, it's time for me to raise my velocity
    No animosity, my philosophy's a prophecy
    Hipocracy, no that's the cameleon
    How old are you evein(?), they rhyming like comedians
    They make me laugh because they styles are scrupulous
    My body is my temple, my brain is my nucleus
    A great exapmle of Allah's perfection
    You're moving to the sounds of my fat selection
    I'm simply spectacular, smooth like an Acura
    Yo, check my vernacular

    You need to devote more...
    Time into rhyming if you're hoping for dope scores of folklore
    Creating a style and grow with it
    Be prolific don't solicit
    Be scientific, if it's wack go visit
    The department of labour, the harder flavour
    You can't savour, do rap a favour be a waver
    In the front row, where the stunts go
    'Cause the chumps know you can't flow
    Plus, you're too gun ho
    My rhymes are bionic, far from demonic
    My phonics are supersonic, you're embryonic
    I spray you like insecticide or pesticide
    Let's decide the best vibe for Wes to ride
    Cool, time for me to synchronize bass and highs (for my enterprise)
    I'm simply spectacular, smooth like an Acura
    Yo, check my vernacular

    Break it down

    I'm smoother than the Philharmonics with my killer phonics
    And melodic, shit I'm fucking iller than a fill of chornic
    On the streets I'm known, I use a sheet to bone
    On the sneak, Dominique Simone
    Thicker than Hagan Dasz, bitches stop and pause
    Niggas stocking yards, pass me cars, I'm knocking jaws
    Biter flee, recognizing me
    Wrecking title gee, 'cause inside of me is like Hepatitis B
    I'm a whirlwind, fireballs I'm hurling and swirling
    No discussion, I'm crushing walls of Berlin
    Seen many thesauruses, pleny clitoruses
    Ready to score with this, huh, packing punch like Terry Norrises

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