The Mountain Goats Chanson du Bon Chose Lyrics

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[Verse 1: John Darnielle]
I saw the sycamore underneath the moon
I was waiting for something
And you were sleeping out there in the living room
And it was 5:16 AM, the air was sharp and cool
And I wondered where you'd buried our dark little jewel

[Chorus 1]
And the heat rising in the room
I am digging graves (x2)
And the water boiling on the stove
I am digging graves (x2)

[Verse 2]
So I held you close to me
I saw the shadows start to gather outside
Beneath the sycamore tree
And something was changing
There was something here entirely new
Bursting into blossom inside of us both
With the sun coming up and me holding onto you

[Chorus 2]
And your body breathing on mine
I am digging graves (x2)
And your hands running through my hair
I am digging graves (x2)

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