Chubby Checker Changes Lyrics

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I've been runnin' wild through my life
I never knew which way the wind was blowin'
Somehow, someway, darkness lead me to your life
'Cause night after night I was makin' a scene
Broken and empty I'd shadowed my dreams

There'll be some changes
They're long overdue
There'll be some changes
Of what I'd need to do
There'll be some changes, some changes.. in my life
Yeah, yeah, in my life

Every turn I've made has lead me down this road
My heart is weary, I feel the heavy load

Somehow, someway, darkness lead me to your life
I've run out of lies Lord I'm begging you please
I can't stand the pain, I'm down on my knees


Forget about the past
I know I'm free at last!
Just missin' the young and old, when I feel you deep in my heart and
down in my soul
Yeah, yeah
I've been running around wild in my life, I'm done
paying the price


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