Cancerslug Ceremony Of Death Lyrics

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cold is the night like the ice thats running through my veins
black is the sign of death apon the ravens wings
now i lay you down in beds of earth for countless years
no one but the worms will know the power of your fear
death is not the end cause we were born of it
death is not the end
your worlds on fire
holy war inside her
wont you spread her legs to me
mother natures time has run its course we are her last disease
let the shaman bless the knife i thrust into your side
let the hollow of my heart engulf you as you die
the ceremony begins
your end is part of its will
we are machines of war
fueled by the blood that we spill
and so we celebrate the death of the world
light a candle and let that fucker burn
we celebrate the death of the world
get in line now and take your fucking turn

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