Ramones Chinese Rock Lyrics

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Somebody calls me on the phone.
Say hey-hey is Dee-Dee home.
You want to take a walk.
You want to go cop.
You want to go get some Chinese Rock.

I'm livin' on a Chinese Rock.
All my best things are in hock.
I'm livin' on a Chinese rock.
Everything is in the pawn shop.

The plaster fallin' of the wall.
My girlfriend cryin' in the shower
It's hot as a *****.
I should've been rich.
But I'm just diggin' a Chinese ditch.

Written by: Dee Dee Ramone, Douglas Colvin, Jeffrey Hyman, Joey Ramone, John (ramone) Cummings, Johnny Ramone
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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