Ultramagnetic MC's Ced Gee-Sending This Out Lyrics

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(Ced Gee)

(Ced Gee)
"Yeah, I'm sending this out to all my dawgs in Harlem,
BX, Brooklyn, Queens
All my fam in the dirty South, Midwest, Worldwide
You know how we do, had to bring this back
Sending this out to my man Woozie Wooz, you know how we do son,
It's real dawg, Check It
Uhh, it's going down like this, one time
Check it, uhh"

Son, I roll with a team of guerilla's beleive me
It don't make sense to try and find me
The only thing your sure to find out is rerouters???
We dirty and grimy, all the things I did 'n the past, I put 'em behind me
I stepped up 'n the game, hate niggas dispise me, the flow is sick (Yeah!)
Can't confide me, so you 'n your army, all wanted to saw me
but that ain't gonna happen, it will only alarm me
So be eazy-eazy, cuz I won't be eazy
And all the guerilla's I hang with dawg
Are a bunch of niggas who are black and greasy
We stay at the gym see?, we blast at the range G
Don't decieve me, and you don't have to believe me
You can play your game, and you get down on your back G
And that ain't all, so when you see The Factshen squad come
You better be ready to ball-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball

"Yeah sending this out to all my dawgs in Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens
My dawgs on the westcoast, my dawgs in the dirty south
My dawgs around the world, You know how we do
Chack it, it's goin down, uhh"

Past the fire, past the torch
Dawg it's poppin' up 'n here tonight, I'm about to go off
Alot of you cat's thought Ced fell off, all my niggas know
I was never off course, The only thing that was stoppin' me was child support
So I, stayed in the courts, talkin' to judges, talkin to lawyers
I was under no illusion, barely wanted to destroy her
Putch ya under the ground, under the dirt
Claiming your dough, claiming you worth, claiming your land, claiming your vehicles
They did'nt give two shits about me, they even wanted my stereo
So I moved some way, outta the state
That was the hustle, and my team of guerilla's?, they add the muscle
Plus the burner's, and all those cat's who slept on us?
Were the fastest learners, and maybe one day I'll have a billion dollars just like the old Ted Turner-Turner

"Yeah sending this out to all my dawgs in Harlem, BX, Queens, Brooklyn, Jersey, Staton Island
Sending this out to all my fam in the dirty South, my dawgs in philly,
All my dawgs in ? can't forget Ya'll, worldwide, yunkers, also in Japan,
It's goin out to everybody
Sending this out to everybody, you know we had to do
This beat is so hot, we had to bring it back
Yo ? let me hear that bass son, uhh"

"Yeah Ced Gee, uhh, Factshen, you know how we do
huh, uhh"

"For real, yeah, you know how we do
Givin' you more of those for, bringin' it back fo' more
Chicks galore, huh, ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"
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