Sarah Brendel Catherine Wheel Lyrics

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Within a sea of silence
I’m sinking in by and by
Beyond the walls of wonder
That keep our souls asunder
Innocence is not a lie

If I fall through the rain
I will crawl beneath my shame
If I sing out my pain
I will stand for all my time

To some you are a tower
A clock that strikes the hour
Who am I to disagree
The mountains in between us
Forever will divide us
But every stream goes into the sea

Your Catherine Wheel is turning
I feel its fire burning
Love is not very far
The air is sparkling golden
Your mercy power’s unloading

Sarah Brendel Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Commidity
  • 2 Fire
  • 3 Turn
  • 4 Breathing In
  • 5 King I Love
  • 6 Catherine Wheel
  • 7 Pardon Me
  • 8 Confused
  • 9 Babel Towers
  • 10 No More
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