Westlife Catch My Breath Lyrics

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We were still in high school
When I first met you
Even then you were the prettiest girl
That I ever knew
And we carved our name on
Everything that we could find
The way that all kids do
And although time has passed
I still get surprised
At the pulling in my chest
When I know you're coming by
If this feeling's proving anything
It's not everything
Is gonna change with time
You're still mine

Did you know when you're around
My heart won't it can't slow down
It beats so hard it makes it hard
To catch my breath, to catch my breath

Don't ever ask me if I'm sorry
Or that I'm here with you
Baby you can bet
I don't regret the girls I never knew
Every day's another first
Another change for me
To fall in love with you
And I do


Oh... When you're with me
I stop seeing
Any way to fail how do I explain
I try to tell you what I'm feeling
But how do I when all words pale

[Chorus: x2]

To catch my breath, to catch my breath
To catch my breath, to catch my breath

Written by: Wayne Hector, Steve Mac

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