Consequence Catch 22 Lyrics

Everything in torn scopin would have catched 22
Meanin you could catch a body 8 to 22
Catch a break, catch a body
But don't be caught slippin in a hotel lobby
Or you'll never play catch with your kids
That fool caught hell for what he did
But me I'm tryina catch, a capture
A lightskin delta, used to date a kapp
But now when the rappers would catch phrases
So you might catch her coming out the days in
Way before her friend catch the bouquet when
Her famous pressure made a young boy cave in
See once you caught that bread like catch it in the ride
It won't be long before they catch him in the live
So like mister miyagi then you catching flies
Everything is based off, how you catch a prive
So me I'm a dope catcher, I pull bitches through when they call dexter
Cause I'm too busy bout to catch a flight
Or catch the flights, them naked drop em in [?]
A block and for 23rd, or a block up for 21st
And after 2 more great features
I be getting plenty of verse
So drop a 22 hunned on some sneakers don't hurt
I'm on my next money move
Cause I be catching racks since 22
Yeah I be catching the checks since the 22
I almost got caught with a 22
And finally would have had deserved 22
Until I paid my lawyer bout 22
And he a [?] since 22
So they have been cool about 22, years
So I told my peers, deuce, deuce
Cause there was nothing to proove
And that's a good example on how your money should move
And you can teach these steps to your crew
But even that come with a catch 22.

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