Angel Haze Castle on a Cloud Lyrics

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For you
Alright, look

A story to tell, her pennies into a wishing well
See it's hard to cope with a kiss that you can't tell
and a word that you can't spell and a victim who can't yell
and they're under your fucking nose with a sickness you can't smell and the
problem is that you really crying for help
Nobody out there can hear you, it's like they silence your yell
It started when he was seven continued til he was twelve
And in the middle of the night found another man than himself
But this man was confused, this man was abused
See this man was a tool to the sickness that he let loose

In fact didn't he abuse, molested and he abused
To the person that he affected was lesser than finna shoes
Damn, he affected the chance to choose
He never gave him an option
He told him what to believe but never gave him a doctrine
Now little boy bloom, 's just like you
Sick in the head can't die but he'd like too

Damn, same dreams every night too
Screams every night too thinks that he's like you
Says every single day there's new demons inside you
They scream and they fight you
They scream to remind you of all the fucking pain still breathing inside you
And they give a million reason to die too
But nobody ever sees what's inside you
I know it 'cause they ignore my screams and my cries too
I met a girl once, went through the same thing
She told me shit happens, but things change
Things change, she told me all this pain
Don't mean chains, you gotta take it and remake it til it means strenght
But I ain't strong enough, I don't think I'm strong enough
Why me man I wasn't even old enough
I wasn't strong enough, wasn't even bold enough
Would've told my mom but that shit woulda torn her up
And she was torn enough, and he was Mister Perfect
And now it's trivial I guess I was just fucking worthless
I just want you to know how much it hurt me
Because of you I feel I'm not a person
So I sit here with this blade in my hand
I got the pain of a child and the brain of a man
And it's so loud I wanna fucking scream but I don't know how
I wanna let it go, but I don't how
It's so loud, I wanna let it go but I don't know how
It's so loud, I wanna let it go but I don't know how
I wanna fucking scream but it won't come out
Tried to escape but there ain't no out
Now I'm stuck here in this castle on a cloud
Castle on a cloud
Never going up, never getting out, never coming down
Castle on a cloud
Never going up, never getting out, never coming down

For you

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