Mercyful Fate Castillo del Mortes Lyrics

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There lay Castillo Del Mortes
To be known as "House Of The Dead"
Oh no... Oh not here
A fool was playing with magic, magic he did not understand
He opened the unholy gates
Letting out The Ancient Ones from Hell

Solo: S

600 people standing on the castle walls
Screaming for mercy, someone must have heard their calls
600 wondering what's going on
Two armies in the sky, forming and in battle line
Hear the battle cries...
7 cohorts of angels, fighting for The Elders to win
7 cohorst of angels, fighting for the people within
The "House Of The Dead" soon to be buried in sin
9 units of demons, The Ancient Ones command
9 units of demons, The Ancient Ones will stand
For the "House Of The Dead" will soon be buried in sin

Solo: S

600 were watching in horror as they began to fight
None of the armies were using a weapon
As it is known to man
Demons and Angels were falling in numbers
Out of the burning sky... The burning sky
"Retreat, retreat", Oh the angels flee, "Defeat, defeat"
The battle's over, it's done

Somewhere in ancient Spain, close to what was BAECULA
There lay the battleground where many an angel was slain

Solo: S

9 units of demons bringing unbearable sin
9 units of demons coming for the people within
The "House Of The Dead" will soon live up to its name
600 people running deep inside
600 people trying to hide
From the Ancient Ones
But there's nowhere to run on this day

Solo: D

There is no need to speak of the horrible fate
Bestowed upon the 600 from BAECULA


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