Mya Case of the Ex (formerly What'cha Gonna Do) Lyrics

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It's after midnight
And she's on your phone
Sayin' come over
'Cuz she's all alone
I could tell it was your ex
By your tone
Why is she callin' now
After so long


Now what is that she wants
Tell me what is that she needs
Did she hear about the brand new Benz
That you just bought for me
Cause y'all didn't have no kids
Didn't share no mutual friends
And you told me that she turned trick
When y'all broke up in 96


What'cha gonna do
When you can't say no
When her feelings start to show
Boy I really need to know
And how you gonna act
How you gonna handle that
What'cha gonna do when she wants you back

Repeat Hook

There's no need to
Reminisce about the past
Obviously cause that shit did not last
I know how a woman will try to game you
So don't get caught up
Because baby you'll lose


Hook (2x)

Tell me why she on the phone
In the middle of the night
Tell me Why she in your life
Trynna get what's mine
If she don't know me
She's about to know me
I'm in your life and
That's how it's gon' be
I've seen her photo
She ain't even all that
So if you want her back
You can take her back
'Cuz game recognize game
I could do the same thing
Get it right, change
Or take back this ring

Hook (4x)
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