Treble Charger Case In Fact Lyrics

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CD 1
  • 1 [data track]
  • 2 Morale
  • 3 Even Grable
  • 4 Case In Fact
  • 5 Cleric's Hip
  • 6 Sick Friend Called
  • 7 Motor Control
  • 8 Slight
  • It's me
    I know things won't work out
    Don't believe
    There's a glass between something
    You saw before
    And the wrong impression left
    Leaves no more

    Tell a lie
    Case in fact

    I feel the same
    Alot can go on in my place
    I need to know
    Why in the end things turned out wrong
    I know

    When the things you've done won't lie awake
    I think I'd be on the first mistake
    Noone understands this badly
    I might as well
    You might guess the same yourself
    But it's so hard to tell

    If you like,
    I'll be more exact

    If you agree,
    We'll make a pact

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