Dynamite Boy Careless Lyrics

Hell Is Other People Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Woo-Hoo
  • 2 Watchdog
  • 3 Julie H.
  • 4 By Chance
  • 5 Background
  • 6 Careless
  • 7 Mr. Rite
  • 8 Strange Girl
  • 9 Slow Down
  • 10 Wallflower
  • 11 Always Wrong
  • 12 Uninvited
  • 13 True Shit
  • There's nothin' left to believe in
    There's nothin' left for me to say
    There's no words to explain this
    No words to say just how I feel
    I never want to be alone
    How long will it take my heart to heal?

    (chorus) You want it, you got it
    Now what are ya' gonna do with it?
    You took it, you need it
    And now I just don't believe it!

    There's nothin' left to detain you
    There's nothin' left to bring you down
    There's no way I can hate you
    No way to show you how I feel
    Are you satisfied with what you've done?
    How long will it take my heart to heal?



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