Jag Panzer Cardiac Arrest Lyrics

Ample Destruction Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Licenced to Kill
  • 2 Warfare
  • 3 Symphony of Terror
  • 4 Harder than Steel
  • 5 Generally Hostile
  • 6 The Watching
  • 7 Reign of the Tyrants
  • 8 Cardiac Arrest
  • 9 The Crucifix
  • [lyrics by Harry Conklin]

    If you wanna find some action then this is the place to be
    If you want hell you've got it, just ask and you shall receive
    Move aside and let me by, I'm a man who knows what he wants
    Ain't nothing gonna get in my way, it's time you paid the cost

    Gonna break ya, shake ya, slide you on your back
    Use all my metal power to give you a heart attack

    Look into my eyes and you will see yourself inside
    I've got something for you and it's just too good to hide

    Got malice on my mind tonight, pulsing power in my veins
    Heavy metal mayhem soaking in my brains
    Feel the sound around you start to melt your metal heads
    Talking no mercy, baby, we're gonna leave ya dead
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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