E-40 Captain Save a Hoe Lyrics

The Mail Man Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Real Shit
  • 2 Neva Broke
  • 3 Bring the Yellow Tape
  • 4 Practice Lookin' Hard
  • 5 Where the Party At
  • 6 Captain Save a Hoe
  • 7 The Mail Man
  • 8 Playa Hater
  • .Chorus: E-40 and `Hoes`
    Ah is a, Ah is a, Should I save her?
    I want to be saved!!!!
    It`s 1993 and *****s need to miss me be savin` these hoes
    You know how these tricks we be buyin` ‘em clothes
    Wanna taxi hoes on vogues with the beat
    And have ‘em sittin` next to ‘em in the front seat
    But not B see I`m a hog up out the V
    And my motto is f**k a hoe and hit the throttle
    To the smoke talkin` on my Okie doe
    World wide I got a clydes up in Tokoyo
    Look up in the sky it`s a bird it`s a plane
    What`s that *****s name?
    Captain save a hoe main
    More faster than a speeding bullet
    To put on his cape and scared
    I put the fake the fake the funk the funk
    To me that`s not the way to do it
    Captain muthaf**kin` Save a Hoe game to me
    Flexin just like a little ol` bit*h
    All up in front of my company
    Had to check his as* with an ear check dump and pumpin`
    Talkin` to him while I`m beatin` his ***
    Pumpin` fear talkin` bout ***** you gone retrospect somethin here
    Mr. super trick Mr. super snitch
    Yeah, you wanna kill me cuz I f**ked ya bit*h
    You should had your cape on tight that night
    Cuz a ***** like the Shot sho plugs ‘em right
    And now yo batch is straight callin me lovin me
    On the under for the porno star that I be
    And don`t you come in my face with that trick ****
    Ya betta try some more ****
    I got the gift to grab any batch
    That I want but I don`t
    Cuz batches now a days will get you caught up in some funk
    Oh no, I`m not tryin` to save you hoes `n
    How come when I was broke you wasn`t brown nosin`?
    The other day you see me smobbin` down magazine
    With some ol` ***** in your car lookin` at me mean
    I stopped in the middle of the street
    Reached under seat to grab my heat
    Man that`s the same motherf**ker
    that I got into it with at the club last week
    Man them *****s can`t fade
    They bith made
    And so they start
    But *****s with no heart
    Don`t want no part to this
    ***** rollin` with the Funk Mobb
    And when it`s funk
    The pump will spit them double laws
    So what you doin` when we roll through you hideout
    I let my mack get off and then I rides out
    With your as* there smokin` like an incent
    You savin hoes ***** and that`s bit*h ****
    I`m crossin` up *****s and bit*hes
    And even snitches just for my riches
    Captain Save A Hoe
    I ain`t got no problem with that ol ****
    I gives a damn as long as he`s payin`
    It ain`t my fault because he`s sprung off my land
    I`m cashin` GA checks, go to the bank Hank
    If your breath stank, you get ganked main
    Long as a trick comes fallin` down
    That gets me all upset to put on my suit and clown
    But make that ***** take care your kids
    Make that ***** call your kids his
    Make that ***** get out there and work
    Make his as* buy you a Brinun Burk
    It`s all part of that ***** take care of me
    ***** whipped ***** come save me
    Batches out there be on the look out
    For Captain save a hoe
    Cuz he`s savin hoes
    (Captain Save a Hoe)
    f**k that what they talkin about
    I save a hoe yeah Ha ha
    Yeah baby, what`s up you wanna get your hair done
    Come on let`s go down to Lee and Kim Nail`s
    We can get your nails done, get your hair done
    What about your kids? How many kids you got? Two?
    Ah, yeah that`s cool we can go feed and cloth them kids
    We can go down and get the hook up at Durant Square
    Yeah baby I do anything for ya
    Want you phone cranked on, I can get it cranked on to my name
    Matter of fact I get you a cellular phone and a pager
    We can get that package deal down there at Cellular One
    Baby I`m here for you I got you

    Written by: Brandt Jones, Danell Stevens, Earl Stevens, Marvin Whitemon, Tenina Stevens
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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