Terry Allen Cantina Carlotta Lyrics

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Well I drove down to El Paso
On my business
Yeah I was just another executive
Workin for the bank
But when I 'crossed that border line
I dropped my business
And I wound up for three days
In the Juarez tank

Cantina Carlotta lady
After I met you
Well I knew that I was ready
To start something new
So I dropped my Brook Brothers suit
And all my fancy painted ties
ahhhh Just for one night with Carlotta
and her painted eyeee ... yi ... yi's

And when I got out of jail
I went lookin for Carlotta
Yeah I needed some more of that sweet
But at the cantina they told me
She's gone to Guadalajara
And when I asked it she'd be back
They just said ... d'nada
ChorusYeah one night with Carlotta
Ahhh uno noches Carlotta
And her painted eyeee...yi ... eeeeeeeee
yi yi yi yi yi
yi yi,yi yi yi, etc.
Juarez Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Juarez Device (AKA Texican Badman)
  • 2 A Dialogue: The Characters / Simple Story
  • 3 Cortez Sail
  • 4 Border Palace
  • 5 Dogwood
  • 6 Writing On The Rocks Across The U.S.A.
  • 7 The Radio...And Real Life
  • 8 There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California
  • 9 What Of Alicia
  • 10 Honeymoon In Cortez
  • 11 Four Corners
  • 12 Dialogue: The Run South
  • 13 Jabo / Street Walkin' Woman
  • 14 Cantina Carlotta
  • 15 La Desperdida
  • 16 El Camino - (instrumental)
  • 17 El Camino

  • Written by: Terry Allen

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