Necrophagia Cannibal Holocaust Lyrics

Cannibal Holocaust Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Cannibal Holocaust
  • 2 Burning Moon Sickness
  • 3 It Lives in the Woods
  • 4 Baphomet Rises
  • 5 Chainsaw Lust
  • Forgotten world lost
    Primal existence
    Only tribal law
    Human sacrifice
    The nectar of gods

    Cannibal <i>[x3]

    The face of fear
    Taste of flesh
    Defiled rites
    Impaled carcass
    A death head silhouette

    Cannibal <i>[x3]

    Eaten alive
    Frenzied lust
    Ripped to shreds
    Torn apart
    Organs exposed

    Written by: Frank Pucci
    Lyrics © DUCHAMP, INC

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