Hate in the Box Candy Coated Razorblade Lyrics

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I want to be new and shiny for you
And if these holes you made
Should be too small for me to breathe
Then give us a kiss goodnight
I'm ready to die for you
Let's die tonight
Cause all along our love was like a
Candy coated razorblade
And I've been choking on the pain
Of loving you for so long, I can't live without it
Every kiss is bloodstained
You stand me up, your favorite toy
And put me on display
You knock me down and let me fall
You always like to watch me break
You go snip snip snip on my heartstrings
Watch the blood drip, tear it out, be done with it
Now I'm just another doll with an empty chest
Nothing but a scar left, that will never heal
Because of you. So give us a kiss goodnight
I'm ready to die for you, let's die tonight

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