Keith Murray Candi Bar Lyrics

He's Keith Murray Track Listing
  • 1 Da Intro (skit) (feat. Jamie Foxx)
  • 2 The Carnage (feat. Joe Hooker)
  • 3 Oh My Goodness
  • 4 Yeah Yeah U Know It (feat. Def Squad)
  • 5 Star (skit) (feat. Jamie Foxx)
  • 6 Candi Bar
  • 7 Christina
  • 8 Sucka Free (skit) (feat. Jamie Foxx)
  • 9 Sucka Free
  • 10 Say Whaatt (feat. Redman)
  • 11 Da Ba Dunk Song
  • 12 BC (skit) (feat. Jamie Foxx)
  • 13 Swagger Back
  • 14 On Smash (feat. Busta Rhymes & Kell Vicious)
  • 15 Say Goodnight (skit)
  • 16 Say Goodnight
  • 17 Child of the Streets (Man Child)
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    [Chorus sampled from Rascalz 'Movie Star']
    She looks like a (4x)
    [Chorus - repeat 4x] {*ad libs through out*}
    She looks like a movie star
    Like a chocolate candy bar
    (She looks like a)
    Heya love love, you little fly lady bug
    Come and swing this episode wit more from up above
    With them Earl Jeans on fitting tight like a glove
    You little Cinammon Toast Crunch, come show me some love!
    Slim goodie got tittle litties
    Yeah but she's a picture post card pretty fat kitty little bitty, WHOO!!
    You're provoking me, giving me the notions
    To make me want to lick your funky emotions
    She can make a crippled man walk and a blind man see
    How can I put this? hmm
    She can make the Grinch love Christmas
    How can I manifest her uniqueness in vernacular?
    (Like a chocolate candi bar) yeah that describes her
    (She looks like a)
    I seen her at the park on the black top watching the kids play
    Hey style complimented the sunny day
    There's a mild nature about her
    Gentle but firm for all the bullshit life brought her way
    You reflected beauty of a starless night by far
    Like Billy Joel said "I take you just the way you are!"
    I had a crush on you since the days of love tap
    Karate shoes you had jelly cornrows with the peas in the back
    I knew you'd grow to be a fine specimen someday
    You the very inspiration for the song I sing
    The way you sprint the runway and scale the catwalk
    Your life is a movie and the camera's never off
    It's like love at first taste, coming deep from within
    From your DNA structure to your whole body ova
    Your beauty is respected in the eye of the beholder
    I love that little chocolate bar tattered on your shoulder
    (She looks like a)
    Oh yeah the time is now and the place is here
    So come a little closer let me kick it in your ear
    And share this wit you girl you super official
    I just want to bite you girl you look good like a Snickers
    Ooh la la, ah wee wee, walking by looking all like I exctasy
    Got doe ma didn't know, good gracious alive!
    Aw shuck now, there she go
    Hey yo come and rest your feet my little chocolate soufflet
    I know you're tired you been running through my mind all day
    And Oh My Goodness! can I get a witness?
    This roundy brownie is something to see
    I never had a craving like this before, I'm addicted
    Lord have mercy! please give me strength!
    Dark, rich and thick like a fresh baked cake
    Just thinking of your shape girl I catch a tooth ache
    (She looks like a)
    We just buggin out a little bit, showing versatility
    (to fade)

    Written by: Patti austin, keith omar murray, khalil abdul-Rahman
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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